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So you want to use bitcoin on your website?


I created these walk-through lessons since none like them existed. I ran into a lot of hurdles when I started to incorporate bitcoin into my websites. I have compiled what I have learned into a series of videos and written lessons to help others.These might not be the best, but it's a start. Have fun!
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Lesson#1 - Introduction To Bitcoin
If you know nothing about the bitcoin payment protocol this is where to start.

Lesson#2 - Web Wallets
Learn how to set up a web wallet that you can use to transact bitcoin.

Lesson#3 - PHP and JSON
Learn how to grab the exchange rate and display it on your website.

Lesson#4 - More PHP and JSON
Learn how to get details on a specific bitcoin address.

Lesson#5 - API OUTDATED, see Blockchain Wallet Service instead
Learn how to create new bitcoin addresses using blockchain.info API.

Lesson#6 - TinyStore Project OUTDATED, see Blockchain Receive Payments API V2
Learn how to create a simple bitcoin webstore using the techniques we have went over.

Lesson#7 - Intro to Websockets
Use websockets and javascript to get realtime data on your website.

Lesson#8 - Chain.com API
Use Chain.com API to create an Address and Transaction Browser.

Blockchain Receive Payments API v2 HD BIP32
How to use blockchain.info's receive payments API using BIP32 HD addresses

Blockchain Wallet Service API
How to setup blockchain.info Wallet Service API

DISCLAIMER: The security of your funds is your own personal responsibility.

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